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Shannon commented on pizza for everyone_update 2 - 12/4

Thanks Anne-Laure and Gavin,
I think it's a great point that universities rely on their amenities for prestige to attract quality students. The analogy of living in a big city for the cultural attractions but not having enough time to go to them really hits home for me! I agree that getting stakeholder buy-in for this idea may be tricky and requires more research on their motivations. One incentive would be offering real-time analytics on the use of resources to optimize university budgets and offerings. Up to this point our focus has been mainly on the student experience and definitely could use more experience mapping on the university administrative side. Thanks again for the valuable feedback!


Shannon commented on Sponsored By (Updated 12/15/15)

Great point Adria, the Carnegie Mellon HMCI program's capstone project is a good example to see a current model in action:

My concerns lie with the financial details between sponsor/university/student. Are students paying tuition for the two semesters they work on this project? Does the sponsor give a donation to the university or do students receive some compensation and in what form? As seen in the example partnership with Bloomberg, the students are contributing a lot of value to existing client products and working directly with their internal teams. The line between work and education has been abstracted and can only be discovered by answering "where's the money?"


Shannon commented on CareerConnect_Update 2 (17/01)

Thanks Anne-Laure, I agree developing our user journey will be critical for next steps. In our brainstorm our potential users ranged from high schoolers to undergraduate students and we hope that with user testing we can discover ways to further develop this tool. Your use case with the career center and Viacom internship is a great example of the problem space we hope to make an impact on.