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Carolina commented on Wearable monitor for "right" amount of food

In the same vein, I think this concept can also assist with exercise. Not only can it monitor satiation, but if you've met your goal for physical activity. This can be measured with the common "step" technology or by using your heart rate. Both these features can then modify the goals for daily food intake accordingly.


Carolina commented on Sugar-strip

Addiction to sugar is a serious issue in the U.S. There are patches designed to curb cravings by using smell! By observing the reactions people have to their environment (e.g. how what we smell influences our choice of food), they designed a sweet smelling patch to "help desensitize people of their desire to consume sweet things." I wonder what other wearables can be used to prevent unhealthy sugar consumption?
- eye glasses that gives you food stats or interactive animation (happy face for approval, grumpy face for disapproval, suggestions for alternatives) as it identifies the food you're holding or in front of you
- a bracelet (like Fitbit) that monitors sugar, cholesterol, sodium levels

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