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Fahad commented on Learn and understand each other better through stories


I think this is a great idea. One area I would improve is in making the 3 sentence pitch clearer with a narrower goal. It seems very broad right now, and could be interpreted in multiple ways. Understanding the exact goal of this project will be extremely important in driving its success, and I look forward to seeing where it will go next.


Fahad commented on Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

Hi Joel,

As a soon to be college graduate with a number of friends with corporate jobs, this tool definitely interests me. To begin, I think this is a great idea in helping students find opportunities that are great fits for their interests. You mention in the writeup that many students lack the critical thinking skills to really succeed in the workplace. What I have seen is that many high achieving, intelligent students find themselves in high paying jobs where they do not need to do much critical thinking. These students would be happier taking lower paying jobs, but finding ways to justify a step like that for many is difficult. Will you be working to help connect these high achieving students with opportunities that they may have not considered? Working in a way similarly to programs like Venture for America?