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Robin commented on Re-Sign Recycled fabric paper

Hello Lauren Ito this is still a draft, and I will add much more detail in the coming days!


Robin commented on Aluminium caps for water bottles

@steve These caps use liners made from plastic to ensure a watertight seal, would this be a problem when recycling?


Robin commented on ToothPASTe

I really like the Idea of using tabs instead of paste. Dehydrating products and thereby reducing packaging and making handling easier could be applied to many products.
Here are just some of the thoughts I had while reading about your concept:
Using tabs and pills is often fidgety especially for people with limited hand-mobility or eyesight (Or simply people who are clumsy in the morning). Can there either be a dispenser (like the one for PEZ candy) that you get with your first purchase or can the packaging be so cleverly designed that putting the tabs on your toothbrush is a hassle free action?
Maybe there needs to be a special toothbrush for these tabs.
What kind of pills do already exist that dissolve in a way that facilitates using them as toothpaste? will they become gel-like after adding water or rather powdery like a dissolving aspirin? How should they feel in the mouth? just like normal toothpaste or will the sensation be a different one? Can this habit of applying toothpaste be improved in such a way that people are willing to change their routine? What other benefits could the tabs have for the consumer?

Again, I really like the concept ( and cool visuals btw) and I'm interested to see how it can be improved and completed.