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Katie commented on Food Flow - Reduce Food Waste, Gain Food Experiences

How about making sure each person who signs up as a deliverer of food passes a little training session in the app about  food safety, e.g. 'don't pick up cold chicken and then leave it sitting in your hot car for 2 hours, because that carries a high risk of bacteria growing and causing food poisoning'. I think a lot of people aren't that familiar with safe food handling guidelines. If they're picking up from cooks/chefs they'd be able to give instructions. But not if you're picking up from people without that sort of training. 


Katie commented on How To "Keep Fresh" Sign

Just a note on voice recognition - best to think about where the app will be used. I've recently done some user research on a voice-input device (with older users, though, aged 65-75), and they don't really feel comfortable talking to a device when there is no other human or at least feedback involved. Certainly while out of the home, and also even while in the home it can make them feel a bit silly.  


Katie commented on Wilty Recipes

Hi Leah, 
Great idea. I think a lot of food is wasted because people are so used to buying food from supermarkets that is perfectly standardised in size and colour, they don't realise that something which doesn't look perfect is still good to eat. I wonder if it possible to also provide advice about whether food is really spoiled or not. The sorts of things people Google, e.g. 'can I still eat a potato if it has started sprouting', or 'how do I know if mushrooms have gone bad'. Something that helps people determine whether the food they have is still fine to cook with, and helps them feel safe (as opposed to 'I hope this doesn't make me sick!')