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I noticed you want to bring increased awareness to the communities you will be servicing. It would be ideal to include a demonstration or a “How Too” lesson. This would further increase the overall understanding of the system and the positive and possible negative affects it could have. This will ultimately increase the communities understanding but more importantly you’ll be sharing your knowledge.

Seeing how you are using an RO unit for your water generation process, I’m curious if you’ve explored the possibility of using Sea Water as the base for your water generation. Depending on the location of the water generation facility and the ambition of the local communities, Sea Water could be pumped or trucked inland to places where water is scarce. Sea Water is practically a limitless sources for these RO units. For poor communities with no freshwater or lacking any water, Sea Water can be the answer to their calls for help. Pumping Sea Water inland can also create a micro economy for local communities. Sea Salt can be harvested and sold to other communities further helping the overall goal of this project.