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Stephanie commented on Behavioral Change through a Support Network

I was thinking about this subject lately and I was thinking about specifically how hard it is to find a supportive network sometimes. I was thinking that it would be nice if there was technology to help facilitate support communities. My thoughts we along the lines of an app that can bring groups together in person, so like you can search for a group near you. Maybe utilizing a site like and creating support group events. If there are not people in your area, skype or other group chat type of technology to meet together and chat as a group.

I have a friend who has found great success in her weight loss through using a company's diet and shake program, but what stood out to me was what else she gets with participation. When she signs up, she becomes part of the support group or almost "family" under the person that she signed up with. As a group, they create facebook challenges together as event posts. There they can quickly update people on how they are feeling or if they are tempted to make a bad decision and receive support pretty quickly. They also do group chats once a week. I was tempted to buy the stuff and just participate in the community (I'm allergic to the shakes), but I was wondering if there was a way to recreate a supportive community in this way for people for free or those of us who are excluded because we don't want that specific product.


Stephanie commented on Livestrong's MyPlate

I have used myplate for years and I love it as well. I like that it has such a large database of food. I can go eat a salad at panera without cheese and I just search the name of that salad and no cheese and someone has already entered that information for me.

Myplate is one of many reasons/ tools I used that helped me lose 50 pounds. I followed the primal diet which requires strict adherence to a certain macronutrient levels (grams of protein based on lean body mass and grams of carbs between 50-150g). The tool really helped me know exactly what I was eating and after using it for a couple weeks, I began to understand what I needed to be eating without it. It helped me understand what were the correct portion sizes and how much of each food group I should be eating.


Stephanie commented on Online Education

There has been a lot of ideas about refugees educating each other. If a small amount of internet access could be provided, one person could take turns learning in the class and then sharing and acting as the teacher for others.