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Hi Tori,

I am loving those questions. I like how they're open ended and require more than just a simple yes or no answer. If you're talking contest, that might be a great idea to add in the social media aspect of it. Through twitter, instagram, and facebook. Would the contestants win anything? Such as maybe seeing their slogan used, along with their sketches? It might be more of an incentive to have students be excited about this campaign. Or if there is no "winner" per say, as part of your kit of questions, you could add in "If you were doing this campaign, what type of slogan would you use?" That way it's giving the student the ability to feel as if their contributing more than just answers used for research purposes. It could help make them feel apart of the campaign as they are helping out more.

As for reaching out to students that help make this campaign build momentum, I'd take a look into either what type of job they currently are holding (maybe for the older crowd such as early 20's to mid-20's as some of the younger ones may not hold a job) and also their majors, for example, economics, or finance majors. Those students would probably be interested in a campaign like this and might even come up with some slogans for it.


I really like this idea to target a younger generation about the importance of financial education, and how we think and talk about it. However, I think that before this grassroots campaign can really take off, I think it's important to address the psychological aspects of it. Building off of what Trevor said, some research into people's behavior with money is key. For instance, for someone to become engaged in this grassroots campaign we'd have to see how they handle their money. Many college students on the surface may get "Financial Education" but in reality may not really know how it benefits them, and in turn it could turn them away from this campaign thinking they know all there is know about money, budgeting etc. Coming from a psychological background, I'd look into people's behaviors and relationship with money and build off that. That way, I can see the good, the bad, and what needs to change for them and I could come up with a slogan that will gain young students attention to see that this campaign directly benefits them. Targeting young folks may be too broad at first. It needs to target young folks who seem to have a healthy relationship with money first, get them involved and excited that way in turn they'll tell other young folks who may not have the best of relationships with money and a negative stigma to try and get them to understand the important implications of financial education. I'd probably also want to know peoples hopes and dreams pertaining to money. The more motivated they are to learn about financial education, freedom, budgeting, and planning the more the younger generation will like this grassroots campaign. Many folks fresh out of college believe they know all there is to money, and how to budget but as being a young professional myself I don't think quite all of us understand the implications of what a 401k is. I agree that awareness is key.