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Thanks Kate Rushton for tagging me on this
Hey Sarah, this is quite a unique idea to be honest. Thanks for adding the videos to shed more light on how NG has evolved over the years and especially hearing feedback from the students on their real experiences.
The highlights for me are: the idea of taking the students from diverse cultures and countries and creating a perfect classroom and outside the classroom learning, the idea that students have to spend 3 months each year back in their country and lastly the support after the program.

I happened to go through almost a similar porgram ( - a program providing training, investment and mentoring for aspiring technology entrepreneurs with the goal of creating globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs locally in Africa. The program is structured to take 60 students from 4 -6 different African countries for a year of learning together. The website highlights more info. Since they have been existence for a long time, over the years, their model has changed. Example is initially the program was 2 years, then they realized the learners felt that 2 years was too long for them to be away from home, given that they were also considered providers for the families. Last year, the program was restructured to be one year. They discovered the strength of the projects/businesses from the one year program was same as the strength of the businesses from the 2 years, and there was more focus and concentration by learners in the 1 year program. The bad side for the 1 year program is that the connections between learners from the different cultures were not deep enough, and learnes preferred to work with teammates from same country. Also, alot of learners came to the program with ideas in mind, but interesting enough, the ideas totally changed during the program and most of them came up totally new ideas.

In terms of staff and fellows, the school works mostly with experienced staff/fellows from across the world, esp with experience in creating communities, building businesses, and they are looking to give back and will be okay with around $1000 salary, with other benefits.

Relating these experiences to your idea, could you share more on the successes of the teams from the program? What's your opinion on the 3 years of being away from home? And what would you say has been the biggest challenges so far? Lastly concerning innovation and impact, has NG been actively involved in collaborating with the local commnities in spearheading solutions to specific local challenges? Say, maybe for a particular country, hunger is the biggest challenge - could the 3 year program be structured in empowering the innovators to work on solving hunger - or is it purely based on what the entrepreneur has come up with..?

Sorry for the too much info, but I'm really looking forward to the idea getting more support so it can expand to reach more individuals who are looking to impact their community..
Best, Isaac

I'm just imagining that if I was one of your students, I will have the same feeling. Its really difficult to know what to do or what to say or how to engage with them. Watching the videos made me realize how this is a process.
 Allan B Goldstein are there any projects that were initiated by the students especially after the course/outside class that are still ongoing? Could you shed more light on this - esp the post-course stories


Isaac commented on Dine in the Dark Experience Restaurants

Hi Bettina Fliegel , yes the reviews are really good. From an article I read, it highlighted that most of the aspects are handled by them, unless it's a really difficult situation. I also like the model as this is a sustainable model to the organizations supporting PWDs. Thanks for your thoughts always