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Hi Beccah,

Thank you so much for your fruitful and tremendous comments during the idea contribution stage. Since, based on your suggestion and feedback we revised its scale upping project in refinement stage.

Really, thank you so much for your best wish. Good luck!

ACISDA included a new additional innovative strategy and approach to reduce FGM practice in the Afar pastoral drought affected region. Therefore, ACISDA planned to publicize FGM Ambassador in each target group of project beneficiaries. So, based on the developed selection criteria will provide recognition of the man of the year, the women of the year, the girl of the year and the boys of the year. The FGM ambassador will advocate and promote by public media and social media with considering do no harm policy. In addition, as a new way of innovation system ACISDA have a plan to interlink ANC, PNC, and FP services in its community dialogue session for addressing the whole challenge of reproductive health barriers. Therefore, ACISDA will create and strength a good communication network between of health extension workers and TBAs and health posts to ensure consistence and proper SRH services.

Moreover, will be created an excellent performance network of religious leaders, Afar parliamentarians, likeminded organizations, youth leaders locally known us (fimat-aba) FGM circumcisers (traditional birth attendants) have been engaged and strengthened to implement community-led education and dialogue sessions on FGM/C and with other maternal reproductive health. These social engagements are helping a growing number of communities declare their abandonment of FGM. A shift has occurred among religious leaders, many of whom will go from endorsing the practice to actively condemning it. There will be a growing number of public declarations de-linking FGM from religion and supporting of abandonment of the practice. Furthermore, ACISDA planned a new way of innovation in order to integrate the existing implementation approach. Therefore, we will advocate and facilitate the Afar regional government health and Women affair bureau to include FGM/C victims counseling in the outreach health services program.

Thank you!

ACISDA wishes Good Luck for all contributors!

Dear Eunice, thank you for proper and consistence feedback in this refinement stage .
As for the FGM practitioners, here in Afar the FGM is practiced by traditional birth attendant TBA. Therefore, ACISDA has been working very closely with TBAs for the last 4 years in 5 Woredas of zone five Afar region. As per the context of Afar the TBA have a very little incentive from the people. However, according to the FGM factors in Afar, the mother have a full responsibility to do or not FGM in her daughter. So, ACISDA is focused on to change the attitude of the pregnant mother on FGM point of view in several capacity building activities. So, once the mother opinion is changed by the consistence community dialogue she is accepted do not circumcise FGM on her baby daughter. Therefore, the TBA can not forced the mother for FGM. Because, the root cause of FGM is comes from socially acceptable attitude of the society/social psychology/. Accordingly, we have been implementing attitudinal change activities in different segment of people. In addition, ACISDA also included the TBAs engagement in its ongoing phaseout project and scale upping project in general community group discussion (GCG). Since, religious and clan leaders, elder men and elder women, TBA and influential women are included and seat as a category of general community group discussion in each Kebele of the Woreda. But, as per the context of Afar FGM is not a source of income for FGM practitioners. Moreover, ACISDA will continue working with Afar regional government women & children affair bureau and health bureau, youth federation, and women federation experts. In this proposed project ACISDA will have one project technical committee. The committee will establish from respective government bodies at ground level and will have a project monitoring program in each quarter jointly with ACISDA.

Thank you very much for your tremendous and fruitful contribution!