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Good Emporium is the pulse of social good in a city that enables funders to make comprehensive decisions related to measurable impact.

Good Emporium is the pulse of social good in a city that enables funders to make comprehensive decisions related to measurable impact.

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Céline commented on Good Emporium

Hi Christina,
Thanks for your comments and availability.
Our goal is that organizations have a better and more simplified way to tell their stories that support the data so that the ones that are doing amazing work are recognized and highlighted.
In our mockup, on the third page, the data points for organizations include the mission, as well as other organizational information that paints a better picture of what the organizations does. More importantly, we are also giving space for videos of success stories and testimony from the people being served so that users can see good in action.


Céline commented on Good Emporium

Hi @Kulaniakea
Thank you for your comment.

We developed Good Emporium as a tool for everyone to use, but we believe that we need to have an anchor in order to encourage the rest of the community to come onboard and to use the information on the platform. Funders as the ones with financial capital (which is needed to operate and scale impact) are one of the players that have the most leverage to promote positive behaviour such as transparency and accountability. The problem is that they cannot make comprehensive and informed decisions because the information is fragmented, unreliable or incomplete. Our goal is to unleash all that data precisely to avoid that investors go through their individual and personal networks to decide who they fund.
I very much agree with you that organizations on the ground are the ones driving change, and this is precisley why it is so important for them to be transparent and accountable. They owe it not only to funders, but also to themselves, so that they can better understand where they need to change in order to amplify their impact.
The incentives for organizations to be on Good Emporium is that it will allow them to have better a undertanding of what investors want, have more visibility and a systemized way to measure and report impact. Reporting is one of the most demanding activity for an organization and it's a shame that after all the work and time that goes into reporting, the information is not used efficiently. By seeing other organizations do their own reporting and best practices, Good Emporium creates a network effect and reinforces the culture of accountability and transparency thus encouraging all organizations to move in the same direction.
We also know that many of organizations struggle with building capacity and driving development. This platform will help them streamline their efforts, find partnerships and know where in the ecosystem they stand.
In our next phase, we are planning to engage with organizations to hear from them how such a tool could facilitate their fundraising and reporting activities


Céline commented on Salinas Arts & Innovation Hub

Great project! Art as a way to express, include and innovate for a better world is always a good idea.
I like the focus that you give to marginalized communities as they are often the ones who are closest to the challenges. Marginalized and disadvantaged communities are also some of the most creative and innovative I have seen and has often been an important part of survival. Time to leverage, recognize and value that creativity and innovative mindset.
Good luck in your quest to build a safe place for people to be themselves, be creative and break the cycle of economic, social despair that they face.