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Aakar commented on Teaching a Pattern for Life

Hi Paolo,
I like the concept that you are presenting here. I believe students can definitely learn time management better if they start early. As an adult with a full time job, I still have a hard time planning my whole day of work and life.
Posing the management as a healthy alternative is great.

Have you looked at some of the other ideas posted here. I was reading through the idea that Hannah Kahl posted recently Building Bridges Between Learning, Living, and Play. I think that both of these ideas have a lot in common and would love to see some collaboration and/or feedback that you guys might have.


Aakar commented on Contextualizing Learning in Developing Countries

I really like your overall idea. Growing up in India, I have faced some of these challenges myself.
I like the fact that we should all mediums that are available in the specific locations for the students. So keeping radio broadcasting alive is potentially very helpful for students.
I used to teach in a special education school for some time, and I can resonate well with the idea that you propose about "leaving no one behind".
Have you had any experience in the implementation of the "Creative Homework" suggestions? I would be curios to learn how the children respond to that and if they can find creative ways to solve the same problem.



Aakar commented on Passion is the New Focus

Hi Connor, I am completely on board with the idea that you suggest here. It is incredibly important for students to find their passions before they are forced to get a job/go to college etc. I feel that during the school year, some of the creativity or excitement towards any specific things is unknowingly squashed, due to intense pressure or lack of time.
What do you think is the best way to allow student to get some time to enjoy things that are being taught and see if the overall topic points to their passion?