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Aakar commented on Make Your Own Bedding!

Hi Lauren Ito ,
Thanks for your feedback. I will be providing some more sketches in a day or two for some design details. I tried to explain the use of each material in a little bit of details under the question: "How specifically will these materials be incorporated into your solution?" I will try to elaborate a little more with some sketches. Along with that I will also try to answer your question regarding the processing of the raw materials.


Aakar commented on Acoustic Panels

Thanks Lauren Ito for tagging me here. I think this was the first idea that I really liked as a concept but was waiting on some more updates and sketches from Claude Sutterlin .

The idea overall can be very useful in various locations and scenarios. I like to think that we should always try to design for the extreme conditions, that way we will make the daily use feel super effective. In this case, it would be really good to think about how we can help people with Autism, ADHD, patients in a hospitals, rehab clinics etc., by providing a comfortable environment for them.
Another important aspect that I found in my research for this project, is to figure out how do we actually use the Nike Grind material in such insulation type panels. One way is to create a solid mat/panel out of the various material using some sort of fusion material (involves lots of energy). Another way is to create an outer panel structure and stuff the materials in it, without fusing together. There are pros and cons for both, but in either case there is low to almost no potential circularity of the grind material used. Once you install the panel, it will stay there for a long time till the space is torn apart/broken down completely. Based on my understanding, there is no potential recovery at that point to reuse the material and it has to end up in a landfill. So we have helped the community in one way but not created a full circular design. That will also reduce the potential sustainable business that Nike can do with the grind material.
I think as designers, if we can come up with fully integrated and circular solution for these materials, that would be the ideal case.
Would love to hear more here and also on my submission Make Your Own Bedding! 


Aakar commented on Up-cycled shoes

Hi Angel,
This would be a cool idea, but I believe the challenge brief mentioned somewhere that we are not supposed to design footwear out of the material. It would be good to double check that in the rules.
Edit: I was going through the rules again, and found that there is a clause on Athletic footwear and apparel. So, my concern above is probably not valid.

Aakar Mehra