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Aakar commented on Recycled Yoga Props by YOGO in collaboration with Nike

Hi Jessica YOGO ,
Cool idea to create health and yoga related stuff with recycled grind material.
I was reading through your brief and then the answer to Lauren Ito 's questions and found your passion about this topic to be very commendable. I would recommend putting your reply to Lauren in the actual brief so that it can be integrated with the idea better.

I also wanted to throw some other questions/thoughts in order to brainstorm. Based on the feedback I got, I feel that it is important to show a circular design of the system. That means, how will you change the system in a way that you can use and reuse/remanufacture the same or different products with the same material giving it multiple lives? As you have your own organization, it might be cool to even look at the circular design guide ( to maybe evolve the system a little bit.
Hopefully this was helpful, looking forward to seeing this idea evolve.

Hi Dylan Bochsler ,
Its a neat idea to use the grind rubber in civil construction. From my limited knowledge about this, reading your brief, I am not very sure where exactly will this be used? Is it only used as a fill in substance on embankments?
It might be useful for your submission to have some more images or sketches.
Also, going a little more towards the main concept of this challenge, I would like to put forward the question, how would you make this system circular. It is really great to use some recycled material, but in the end what is happening to the raw grind? Can it be use reused somewhere? If yes, it might be cool to see how that process will work.
With your experience and company setup, it will be really cool to see prototypes in the future!
Looking forward to seeing this idea evolve.


Aakar commented on Blanket to Bedding: Let's keep our friends warm!

Hi Jessica YOGO ,
Thanks for your feedback! I agree that the weight and cost will be a critical factors. Based on my design, the most used material will be Fluff, so the weight of it should not be too much. Although there are places where we need foam and rubber for some cushion, so keeping that limited will be an important aspect of the prototyping phase.
For the fabric on the inside, I was thinking of using the Nike Apparel Grind and on the outside something similar to what the Empowerment Coat project is using. The outer layer has to tough and weather proof.