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Dear Rehmah
My feed back will be for you to focus on Apprenticeship and Mentorship opportunities. During the design of the project, it will be good to contact and pool together a list of companies where the students will do their apprenticeships. It has become very hard to convince companies to take on students because they are pressed for bottom line and targets each month. Taking on students feels like a burden to them. In regards for successful agri-businesses you may have to consider and also link up with other organizations that are doing youth development work especially in economic empowerment. I know ILO, Enterprise Uganda, Educate!,have very good programs where you can pick some ideas.

Partnerships are critical for the success of the project. You need to therefore approach them as soon as possible. Also don't be shy about approaching government for support, sometime they have funds that no one ever utilizes. They can also be very helpful in technical assistance. There is a USAID funded project called Chinomix with a specific arm for agriculture (maize and beans), see if they have some funding or other resources you can utilize. I am sure they give you some agronomists to support your project. As a caution: do not allow to use GMS genetically modified seeds, they are getting a lot of negative reviews. 

Lastly be very clear about roles, responsibilities and terms during the set up of "My School Entrepreneurship Project." The schools may think that since the land is their own, the money from the products is theirs. Establish that from the start by signing MOUs, giving contracts to teachers that will support the project and letters of appointments to the students that will work. That way it will start as a real social enterprise not just another school project. 

All the best.

Dear Rehmah,

I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing for the girl child and women in our country. I have interacted with the single mothers whom you have empowered in Kampala Urban Slum areas and for sure, the impact is very significant. Specifically Kabanyoro Margaret's success story was very amazing to see that she can now pay school fees for her four children from her small business that she started early this year!!!!!!!!!!. If this project comes on board, it will therefore, be a great opportunity for other young women in the different parts of the country to be transformed. CATHY is really a great initiative!!!!!