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Oh okay, I didn't realise it was so easy! Obviously it would be nice to have more interactive VR experiences in the future, but videos with something like the Gear would be a great start. Do you know if many schools in America have started to introduce VR for recreational and/or educational use?

I like the sound of that. I feel that, because students use apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat so much, the UI of the app will have to be really appealing. I know that in Ireland, school and university sites where students download lecture slides don't have particularly appealing design, especially compared to other sites and apps used by students for recreation. It will be important to keep it simple and stylish.

VR headsets are continuously becoming more accessible indeed, however I'm not entirely sure how easy it would be to actually produce the VR material. An early-stage model might just use video, as long as it's depicting the real-life environment of that job, and not just a flashy advertisement for it.

I just read the article you linked, very interesting, and a sad truth. It's really not fair, especially for those who work hard and get high grades, but can't afford a good college, or even any college. With your system, would you still envision students going to college like this and using your system as an aid, or could it be part of a broader system whereby education and physical campuses are more open? I guess that might be a future vision, best to start with the AI tool as it can be implemented now and developed for the future vision also.

The counselor to students ratio is ridiculous! As well as the ratio, from my experience, a lot of these counselors aren't very well qualified for these positions either. And there is no way that even the best counselor could work as well as some software that knows every career option out there and can analyse a person's skills and interests to suggest the most suitable ones.

While it may be difficult to fix this economic divide, it should be possible to at least help these students pick the education/career best suited to them. Then, once they're there, your app should help them make the most out of all the resources out there. This in itself would be a huge achievement. I believe it's important to consider that, education should be considered the same way as brands and services today; it's not about creating/selling a product/service, it's about creating an experience. Adopting a human-centred design approach should help us achieve this engaging experience that people, especially millennials crave today.

Oh wow, I see what you mean now, that's a great idea! I can already picture something much more fun and engaging for students, rather than just throwing them into the environment or teaching 'at' them. Really interesting, would love to incorporate some of the ideas you learn from the course! In design and marketing these days they say it's all about creating and selling an experience rather than a product, and the same should be donefor education.