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Hey Gina!

There's no such thing as posting too much, we appreciate all the ideas and feedback people have :)

That idea of affecting real estate is really interesting and something the team had never discussed. Thank you so much for that insight! Some of our research and testing did show interest in making stairs safer for kids, and so it's great that you got similar findings. Pets are also something we had not discussed, so thank you for that also, it's definitely a big market and would be awesome if we could tap into it.

Hey Kate!

We should have a lot of updates coming in the next few days. We are bringing more scale models and photo-realistic renders to a local nursing home tomorrow to help refine the final design of the physical product and to begin work on the product website. We are also putting the finishing touches on our business model pitch, so that should fit in nicely with what you are recommending.

Thanks for all the advice and feedback, will see you on the refinement call.

Michael and team.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the kind words and for reinforcing our beliefs about the design! We really believe that the ability to provide a product custom fit to each individual's needs is key, as there are just so many different styles and shape of stairs. Like you stated, the ideal scenario is that users would have some space to play with, but we also believe that some customers may opt to add, say, 2 inches onto each step , even if restricts access to a room, as this is likely a better trade-off than cutting off the entire upstairs. This is the worst-case scenario, but still better than being forced to live downstairs.

I like the idea of a distress alarm as a back-up, and combining a reactive product like that with a preventative product like ours would likely be the ultimate fall prevention solution. While adding a feature like this may be outside the scope of our product for now, it would be fantastic if, in the future, we could team up with one of the other teams in this challenge who are working on a similar thing, like SmartGait: A physical therapist in your pocket or The 360/365 Caregiver Monitoring Model 

Thanks again