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Andrew commented on We Want Education To Be Expensive

You have a lot of good questions in there, let me know if I address what you are looking for.

Education was designed to work outside of itself, but over time it became comfortable within it’s own industry. To really assess its effectiveness we need to look back to the context of application. We don’t usually ask musicians to be accountants after all.

What I mean is we redefine the question of “is education valuable” to “what do I need to learn and why.” If the purpose is to get a job, what competencies does that specific job require and how can I be competitive after that foundation?

If the purpose is to improve quality of life, then I don’t think the answer is knowledge acquisition. It’s a social environment built around people investing their time in wisdom. There are a lot of smart people out there with little wisdom and less joy.

When it comes to decentralizing information, again I don’t think that’s as much the problem as what the center actually is.

Don’t you think if the center entirely becomes the student, then it might be too subjective to make a sustainable impact? We may end up having a lot of graduates too unique to fit into the current corporate structure and will either need to be redefined that industry or have a lot of entrepreneurs without the team or business skills for success.

What about cultivating the natural gifts within each student, under a standard structure of what skill trends are in demand in the workplace? Then for highly creative industries such as dance or digital media, shifting back to a stronger student focus.


Andrew commented on We Want Education To Be Expensive

I'm sure the interconnected culture has had an influence, in the same way working the same job will change the way I think. Influence comes from exposure, and the culture is far too exposed to social media for it not to make an impact.

That being said, I don't think the value is tied to being able to share insights as much as accomplishments. "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care" (John Maxwell). In this sense, care is a demonstrated ability of competence. Education would then have to measure up against real world performance; opposed to a theory focus of a past generation, and a current generation thinking they googled it once so they're an expert.

Education would shift from content delivery to context curation.
How do you think it would be impacted?


Andrew commented on We Want Education To Be Expensive

There is certainly something to be said about sacrifice/ investment creating value, but what if the value has been misdirected?

When computers where first coming out they were tens of thousands of dollars and could do less then my "free with sign up" smartphone. As the diffusion of innovation occurred (and continues to) the value has shifted from a high end technology reserved for the elite, to a diverse tool used multiple time a day.

My point is that formal education is going through the same change, though it has been more gradual while computers have been exponential. When a doctor uses a computer to aid in surgery we don't see it as cheating, it's adding value. In the same way student value is shifting from a status symbol to an applicable "show me" status.