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Hello Tina,

The additional student interaction is a great and all of your updates, there are so many possibilities with this core unit of napkin finance. Really exciting stuff!!!


Video is a great way to add the order or flow the learning experience from the napkin, some feedback so far is that there seems to be a huge lack of exposure to financial concepts (1. Most likely obvious 2. Means there's a huge place for this financial tool) but the interesting feedback suggested an alternative focus. The generation which is financially savvy or at least more so than the younger generation, provides a shield ( or the numbers I have engaged with have said) that leaves a steep learning curve when financial independence is calling. Perhaps some emphasis on those who do know the topics, or ways to increase exposure (like with napkin finance) in homes or from role models and shrink that literacy gap. I realize some of what I mentioned is redundant within comment and to the other great ideas in this thread but thought it would be important to note some of the feedback so far pointing at lack of exposure from role models, parents, family or older generations as well. Videos look excellent!!! Thanks everyone.

Going along with the bullet points, if the finance napkin needs to be more interactive it sounds like the association is with the students. Perhaps as you have mentioned previously, passing out tangible napkins with the info graphics printed, whether it be in a classroom or public venue. What if schools made sure their plain napkins had a risk reward trade off depicted. Perhaps even relate the specific recent transaction to the customer, for instance seeing how the amount spent daily on what was recently purchased could be invested into a compounding account or savings (an innovative receipt that safely acts as your napkin and educational resource :) ). Perhaps even the coffee shop environment where conversations beg stimulating topics. Especially with millennials, if there was a way to keep the digital version accessible via apps or smart devices. In my perspective the majority of the population of young adults does not fully grasp the concept of debt, and interest rates, much less the different financial tools (and how they relate to the time value of money). That is why Napkin Finance is such a great idea. It breaks down that barrier between the person and the larger entity that pumps out acronyms dealing with money.