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Erik commented on The Microbe-Scope

Hey Richard! I love the vision you are getting at with your pattern prediction concept -- which could be a game changer for mitigation efforts. The data for this graphic was mined by an external party from many literature sources. My goal for this research contribution isn't necessarily to point to a solution, but more so to visualize interesting patterns that could spark other ideas, solutions, and different ways of thinking about this design challenge. Thanks for the ideas on centralized repositories and live feeds!


Erik commented on The Microbe-Scope

Thanks Emma! I don't know that I have a great example. But the control method that comes to mind is behavior modification -- which is admittedly the low hanging fruit of control methods. To me, contagiousness and deadliness levels are often used to inform the "intensity" of recommended behavior modification. For example, isolation is recommended for ebola (deadly) and chicken pox (contagious), verses long sleeves and bug repellent recommended for zika and lyme disease.

Great contribution for research! And a very compelling exhibit. I think the smallpox exemplar is key, and could lend its bright spots to this challenge. It could be really interesting to deep dive into what the "massive global campaign" looked like for eradication, and see how that could take form in the 21st century.