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I agree with syncing to make this a BIGGER solution!


Kathleen commented on Foodingame Certification/Points

I like much of your idea. These comments are intended to help you STRETCH.
How could you use the idea to include all restaurants, so that is is not dependent on a restaurant chain's cooperation? How did Weight Watchers get all those calorie counts for their point program? And could you also add in healthier choice suggestions much like Amazon tracks what we buy to make suggestions for healthier substitutes? -- It figures that I love Mexican food and suggest where I can satisfy that craving much healthier. Also, how might you add an educational tickler when you calculate that someone is consuming too much sugar, salt? That way to you could also coach them?
and how could we tie into FourSquare or Retail Me Not technology to suggest the best healthier places in a given geography?


Kathleen commented on Game health data

I like this idea, because it addresses a root cause, that many do not know they are at risk. In my market, we have a hospital that has assigned a health score and it is creating competition for consumers to take the quiz and post their score, so there is some proof of concept fro an overall score.
How can you make this viral, not just in your practice?
How might you blow this up .. make it bigger..could the quiz help the consumer understand the social-economic determinants of health risk. Where do they live? Are they insured? Do they complete their annual visit? Does thier area provide access to healthy food and beverage choices? Physical activity?