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Tantine commented on Tantine App for Refugees

Allow us to extend our sincere thanks to the expert for the amazing feedback. They are deep, precise and understandable. Though we wished to add some comments for better clarification of what/why/how about Tantine.
INFRASTRUCTURES: When we first used tablets in youth center in the camp, we didn’t notice that electricity was a challenge. May be because we had electricity in our campus hostels, we were thinking that everyone has. Soon peer educators called us and told us the challenge. Later some of tablets also had technical problems. Providing regular money internet connection and repairing everything was expensive for us.
We partnered with a company which sells Solar Panel posts. Those posts sell airtime, electricity, and other services. We are now training 3 disabled smart young people to use them. After we will give them one each post and they will be running them as their businesses. But they will be required to charge the tablets and give a small amount of money for airtime. One of the three young people also is having a profound training on telephone and computer repairing. We will sign with them a Memo of understanding on how to work together. We think this is durable model and we hope to continue using it in all refugee camps we will working in.

INCENTIVES: We don't plan to give incentives for young people to use the app. But we do provide some encouragement for youth leaders in the camp to be examples in using the app. In Mahama refugee camp, a lot of young people are unemployed. And those one are our main focus. They spend most of their time playing at youth centers. Attracting them to use the app is not yet an issue so that we can give incentives.

TRAINING OF STAFF: Before we launch our project, we did a three days training for 25 young people who will be the catalysts of app usage in the camp. The training mainly focused on the use of ICT; smartphone, basics of computer and Sexual and Reproductive health. It is important for us to have people trained initially so that we can disseminate the knowledge easily.

PILOT Project: Our pilot project began in December 2016. But we established the app and tablets in Mahama in May 2017. At the beginning we did a survey to see their understanding on the use of ICT in getting information on SRH. In December this year we will do another one to see the improvement. SO far around 200 young people use our app in the refugee camp to get information and the numbers are increasing exceeding our capacity. We remarked that young people like our content. They ask a lot. But we need to work hard in order to provide good content and answering their questions timely.

ADAPTING OUR CONTENT TO PEOPLE WITH TRAUMA: We believe that many corners in this domain are still unaddressed. Digitizing SRH education in humanitarian setting is a journey. We began by just providing general information which is definitely needed by many people. But as time goes, we go into specifics. For now in the area of people with trauma, we provide special counselling on people who had Rape (Because GBV is prevalent in camps) and abortion. We provide counselling articles via our Forum discussion where people share experiences and asks questions. If all goes well, we are planning to have OFFLINE forum discussion in youth friendly centers where youth can have finally a friendly SPACE to discuss on different topics in the reproductive health domain.


Tantine commented on Tantine App for Refugees

Hi Eunice.
Today we work in one refugee camp. Initially we gave the youth center 10 tablets for free. For the question of making profit, let me try my best to give you honest answer.
It is difficult to get profit in this business. I mean getting money from SRH services, information and Products. This is because firstly those services are provided by numerous NGOs for free. Secondly our target group doesn't have money to buy them.
Tantine works in Refugee camps and in the Rwandan community. As we provide special information, we built a community of audience of Tantine. We make money from our audience by doing advertisement and we plan to selling Data.