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Zhao commented on EduFlix

Hi Joost,

I think video supplement is such a smart way to engage students. In high school, my AP Biology teacher used the "reversed learning" method where we would watch lecture videos at home and discuss the homework in class. In this situation, collaboration was fostered organically as we engaged in the discussion regarding our homework in class.

I guess my only concern is that, since each class is different, with a diverse background of students, how do you ensure that one educational video is applicable to everyone?

I also thought about the education gap between the well-off and less well-off kids in the States. Students in school districts where extra attention is needed probably won't have the accessibility to those resources at home. Therefore this education method might only benefit the students with the resources. Wouldn't that further widen the education gap if we think about the big picture?

Best of luck,



Zhao commented on Pnutek


As someone who can remember lyrics in a heartbeat and has trouble recalling information no matter how many flashcards I make, this sounds like an incredible idea to me! I have a couple questions regarding the logistics of the program. First, how do you plan on acquiring copyrights to the songs and wouldn't paying royalty fees to increase the cost of the product development? Second, how long will it take to translate a document into an audio tape?

I wonder if you could look into CourseHero and Quizlet and see if you can turn this into a crowdsourcing platform where all the translated audios can be saved and then other students won't have to redo it over and over again? This could help you bring potentially partnership with major higher education publishers and secure some steady revenue stream?

Good Luck,



Zhao commented on Global Leadership Academy (GLA)

Hi Joel,

I personally felt related to your idea -coming from a high school of 3000 students and currently attending a college that houses over 25,000 undergraduates, I sometimes believed that my school lacks helpful resources to guide me in choosing a career path or just simply finding the right class to take. I am particular interested in learning more about your program and have some questions regarding the assessment of the effectiveness of the implementation. As you mentioned on this page, the program takes 30 - 40 minutes to complete, I was wondering if there is any technology implementation to detect students' engagement? In other words, how do we know if users are truly paying attention? I know personally, sometimes it is hard to focus in that long period of time, especially when I am staring at the computer. Also, how often do users receive one-to-one session and how many students will each mentor get? As much I enjoy the idea, I am worried that a virtual platform lacks the human interaction that we get when we meet someone in real life.

Lastly, I also thought about people who do not choose to pursue the traditional college career route. There are many people decide to join the army, to start their own business etc. Do you have any thoughts on developing programs catering to that demographic?

Best of Luck,