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This is a powerful way of using social media platforms in a way to help people navigate to groups who can address their specific and individual needs as you suggest Dov.  Excellent concept and I hope to refine this further and use it as a means to help individuals who are suffering in isolation find the people in arms reach, and beyond, who can help them adapt to a new normal.  In the modern era, we often do not know that help and guidance can be right next door.  Thank you!


James commented on VR Analgesic Gallery

What a great idea.  This could be done to demedicalize death even in the most austere setting (e.g. the hospital).    A potential barrie could be visibility to family who are present, but I think there is a lot to be gained from this technology since visiting hours are limited and those who are dying at home or in hospice are often alone.  This technological intervention could introduce guided meditation, and other relaxation techniques to dying patients, concepts which have been proven in the sedation and pediatric literature to reduce pain and suffering (see Baruch Krauss' publications on non-pharmacologic sedation in children for painful procedure from Children's Hospital Boston).  Thank you for putting this forward!


James commented on Mortality Coach

I love this idea.  To engage people in the process, when death is expected, preferably early in diagnosis, is an essential part of health and well being.  Part of the expected/anticipated dying process is how we live our remaining days.  Having an independent voice to engage our memories could be inspirational to our final days and contribute to our experience.  Someone with expertise in facilitation could also help to address unresolved conflict and allow for a more peaceful and fulfilling end.  Thank you.