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Can this pulse treatment also be used to purify water? I assume that in many of the places in which milk spoilage is an issue, water quality is, too. If cow manure can power 10x the amount of milk, I assume there would be left over capacity to 'pasteurize' other things as well, or potentially to power other things.

In terms of markets to try this in, I might suggest looking at Israel, where there are a number of dairy farms, and farmers who think both about sustainability and cost.


Yoni commented on A Powerful Playground !


I think this is a great starting point, and we've built on it in our idea to make schools into the focal point of a community approach to normalize the idea of being a net producer of energy.

Having the playground power something tangible is a really important part of increasing the possibility of larger adoption. We envisioned that the playground might power a greenhouse, for example, which could be used to feed students, and teach about biology.

I'd love to get your reaction on how we've situated your idea into a larger context.