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Eric P. commented on How Ramit Sethi won $100,000+ in college scholarships

Thanks for sharing! It's great that your sister and friends were able to help you.

Was there a reason you didn't apply to more scholarships? Were you able to find more than four scholarships to apply to?

Thanks for sharing your experience with counselors. It must be incredibly difficult for them as well since they have to work with so many students. I wonder if there's something that can be done to aid them? Do you have any ideas?


Eric P. commented on Mental Floss Shares 6 Tuition-Free Colleges

Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!


Eric P. commented on The Re-marketing of Higher Education

Hi Eunice, thanks for sharing this! I think this is exactly right. In particular:

"If hiring managers can then focus on the skill sets people offer rather than educational brands they paid for, institutions and policy makers may be encouraged to work harder at finding cost-saving solutions."

I think we see some of this already with the partnerships that companies are making with programs like General Assembly and Tradecraft. We'll see that perception change the quickest in the tech industry, but I think other industries will take a much longer time to come around on this.