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Hi Deborah,
Thank you for the questions.
This floating dam could be a great help for the communities because this could be prepared or made by locally available commodities those are generally thrown away or comes for a very low price/cost. This concept to generate electricity can easily applicable in the remote village communities. Commodities like bamboos, barrels, drums, plastic bottles, wires, could be used. This project also has some scope to generate empowerment n it has a potentiality to strengthen the community bonding. Moreover the maintenance is very easy too as minimum technical skill is required. This project can really change the scenario of a village in the field of education, employment and much more.

Hi Sanjana
When we talk about low income communities or societies its mainly the peoples who are engaged in the works such as rickshaw pullers, tea garden labourers, beggars and many other who earns irregularly. This group of peoples hardly get any time to look after their children as their main concern is earning and surviving. When the parents goes in search of earnings they leave behind their children wit their elder brothers and sisters or with the childrens of the neighborhood who are mostly from 3 to 14 years of age group. Some goes school and some never n keeps playing the whole day. I met parents who ask their children of 6 years to bring wine and cigarettes from shops. So here lies the problem their parents doesn't know that it is illegal or is such a harm for the childs mentality. In such cases if parents are taught that what the consequences it may result due to this action of theirs. This children who are given 5 rupees to bring cigarettes or biris gets 10 of them n keeps one for them selves which they smoke In the absence of their parents. Here teaching the parents about the harm they themselves are causing to their own children and prove to be a sure help.

Hi Andi
My point seems to be confusing. Here i ment to say about the teaching them in regards to the issues related to their children. Its never easy to persuade the parents to accept education as they are always in hurry to go for work or else they have to stay empty stomach. In my place the parents goes for work as early as 8am and leave behind their infants or babies less then 1year with their brothers or sister who are also not more than 3 to 4 years of age. So we need to arranged such a schedule that we can meet the parents and teach them the basic of child care.