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Jay commented on Mosquito Eradication Case Study

Devin McIntire Hi Devin - I certainly would recommend listening to the podcast (~25 min) but some fun facts that I took away:

-Lifecycle of a mosquito is ~7 days+/-.
-A female mosquito can lay 500+ eggs during its life.
-Due to the short life cycle and prolific reproduction, mosquitos can rapidly (3-5 years) adapt to become resistant to chemical sprays (pesticides). 
-Only female mosquitos bite, therefore female mosquitos are the primary vector for disease transmission.
-Some experts estimate ~50% of all global deaths since the stone age can be attributed to mosquitos.
-Eradication of mosquitos would have unknown and potentially serious unintended consequences on the ecosystem.

-There is a company producing genetically modified male mosquitos that when released will mate with females. When the females produce offspring, the genetic modification inhibits mosquito development beyond the larva stage (i.e. they do not develop into full blown biting mosquitos). Test trials have been conducted in small communities, results indicate a 90%+ reduction in mosquito population for that community (i.e. reduction in mesquite population = reduction in disease trasnmission). 

Similar to the heard immunity theory  (for vaccinations:, over a period of time the disease will eradicate itself. Without the continued proliferation of mosquitos, their will be less people carrying the disease and less mosquitos will be acquiring or transmitting disease  to/from humans.