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Kunal commented on Circle of Gratitude: Gratitude Cards

Hi Lauren Ito ,

Thanks for the comments,
- By participating in this, companies will experience better team morale, improved cohesion and relationships, better productivity and all the benefits that come from a workplace that practices gratitude. Our idea, is simply a platform for companies to achieve these goals, we are not directly providing an incentive as such. However, we will tap into the research available and the knowledge of the partner organisations of this challenge to develop a pack that outlines the same and make a strong case for companies to adopt this. It is very much like a company providing free yoga or meditation classes to their employees, the yoga or meditation instructor does not provide the company with incentives to hire them, but through employees participating, the company benefits indirectly.

- In terms of the success of the initiative; during our pilot phase when we provide the service for FREE, we will require participants to do a follow up survey for insights. However, as we roll it out further, we will have to rely on feedback from our customers and the person in the company ordering the packs to measure the impact and success. As a simple measure, if we start to have repeat orders form clients/companies it is a sign of positive impact, we may develop pulse surveys for people ordering to gauge further (thanks for asking the question).

- Lauren Ito , I have already attached 3 images to the submission? One elaborating the complete cycle and process, another as a mock version of the stack. Is this not visible at the moment?

Kind Regards

Really great idea and being a massive fan of seaweed, this is a great application.
I like your approach in using this specifically for the second layer packaging more so than the main outer layer as that may come in contact with other surfaces.
Apart from Indonesia, this also has major application in countries such as india and industries such as aviation and defence.
I was wondering is you have reached out to any potential clients for this product and what the response may have been?
Thanks and eager to see how this progresses.