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Hi Danyelle,
Terrific idea! There is absolutely a need to educate students and help them achieve financial literacy.
Just wanted to build off Julia Milch's idea of gamifying and building narrative. I see a couple opportunities where this could be helpful:
1) Enticing students to save vs. spend their earnings.
The pull towards immediate gratification is strong in everyone, young and old. While adults have the 20/20 hindsight and know it's smart to save, the 1st hurdle for younger students may be the desire to have the sense of reward that comes from spending money after you earn it.
Perhaps the saving process could be injected with a sense of fun and reward, through sounds, icons, badges, and a progressing narrative that ties to the student's theme of choice. This way, they feel the sense of pride, progress, and excitement that people often seek from spending money.
2) Making the learning process fun
Students have a lot on their plate as we all know - grades, studying, friends, and in this case earning side money as well. Lots of sources for stress, so how do we make this learning fun? And perhaps even communal? Perhaps there is the ability to make communal gaming, so they loop in friends? This might also help drive the desire to move forward in the "narrative". I haven't played the Sims online, but from my understanding, obtaining skill points was key to the game. Perhaps in this world, skills are acquired through lessons etc.
Just a brian storm - I'm new to all of this. Good luck!

Hi Terry,

I love flipping the educational script from "what's my career" to "how can I help"? I think it could be quite empowering for kids to feel like they can be part of a solution, that their opinions are being valued and that their solutions could really be of use.
There was a mention of field trips in a previous post around 1/15. I definitely understand the constraints of budget, and wonder if virtual field trips could be of use? A tour of an elderly home, of an animal shelter etc. Kids are getting more used to experiences via a screen, so it might be a way to share and learn about possible problems that need to be solved.
Again, great reframe and idea!