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Presiyan commented on Dream Fulfilment Company

Hi Lauren Ito I have one quick question. Am I able to slightly edit my response or this will be available if I will be able to do that eventually if I proceed further to Refinement phase of the challenge.

Hello Munaf Maredia and thanks for the heads up and questions.

"Have your gratuitous acts yielded good results?" - We developed a culture of gratitude which became purely authentic. Let me give several examples:

- Recently a team member noticed that his colleague is bringing with himself every time a boiled egg for lunch. That's why for no reason at all he bought him an egg boiler machine just to make him happy.

- Two of our colleagues had a stack overflow challenge among them and at the end of the challenge one of them bought a customized t-shirts for both of them.

- The whole team united together around the idea to help a small boy receive a funding for orthopedical surgery. For a few days we've made a webpage and popularized the cause and help to rise more funds.

What are you thoughts on other ways that gratitude can be used in the workplace? & Do you think that formal acts of gratitude like mine or more informal acts of gratitude such as what you and your fellow co-workers are doing are more effective. - Basically I think that giving random bonuses for performance is making the whole initiative less authentic because it is related with work performance. In our case we are trying to inspire a role model of behaviour and culture which is not related with performance or organisational contribution. Once this model is shifted from Top to down of the hierarchy in our case it was naturally shifted horizontally amongst employees.

Ryan Kelly Hello Ryan and thank you for your questions. An insights for employees could be gathered in an informal environment - for example during a lunch break, refreshing coffee pause or company gatherings. During this kind of events casual questions like "how are you doing lately" , "anything new" or "anything interesting at the project you are currently working" can give a lot of ideas. Example : Recently I was speaking to one of our developers and understood that there is a developer that she is admiring a lot. Fortunately this helped me to search and find a conference in which this exact developer is giving presentation so we sent our colleague to the conference and for her it was like a dream come true to meet him.

"Do you have any ideas for how this communication can be fostered in substantially large companies, where employees vastly outnumber management?" - Well this could be done on a micro-level, for example in every team the team lead to be responsible with this task and to summurize the insights for the management.

"What steps do you think a company should take in order to budget for presents such as the scooter you mentioned in the article? " - Based on our experience, we invested % of our profit to be used as a "dream fulfuling fund".

"Do such presents create resentment in employees who do not receive them?" - It is a matter of how you are going to communicate it with the team. In our case the message was really important - everyone is eligible for the dream fulfulment fund and by eligible I mean that it is not related with performance or what so ever. The whole initiative was purely authentic and when someone was elected the others were happy for their colleague because they knew soon enough they will also receive surprise.