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Completing the forms using accessible kisok is great but it will also provide an effective way to measure and benchmark how quickly the form was processed. This will bring the added benefit of transparency and quick turnaround, which are two areas in which the government bodies are currently lagging behind.
Officials would have a key performance indexes ( KPI's) to meet, which should be able to measure their performances and the managers would solid basis on which they can improve reportable performances.
For example, lets say an officer assigned to process the form lodged via a kiosk for the visually impaired picks up the task and completes completes the task within 20 minutes, but the KPI for the job is 15 minutes, then he/she is is not meeting the target. But if the official is completing the job, within the prescribed timeframe, then the management should be happy about it and then go about improving the process and peformance in another area.

The quality of information is another thing a kiosk would improve compared to a paper form. A lot of data entry errors like typos, invalid information can be picked up as soon as they are entered or the agency can contact the customer if any information is not correct. The benefit of electronic forms - whether they are for general customers or for visually impaired is that it is possible to apply validations and checks before and even after the forms have been lodged but thats impossible to do with paper forms.

Its a brilliant idea as it will make it easier for visually impaired people to access necessary services without having to queue up or have to rely on others even for the most basic services.

I also think its best used at local government levels where people have a bit more interaction on a regular basis. Once it reaches a level of maturity, then the system could be extended to ministries and departments where the system could be of immense use.

With electronic forms, it would also be possible to audit the quality of information and measure the KPIs of the services hence the officials will also have the incentive to get work done quickly.