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I like your idea very much as the aim is to help the farmers increase their income and security, and leading to other very important life resources such as education. Keep up the good work and idea of having the farmer's best interests and they will respect you for that and help you make good profits also :) The community will thank you so much too~!

Hi guys just browsing through and found your idea quite promising onto something! Not just for end of care, but I can see it can be used anywhere there is human interactions~ as emotions are so important to health and well-being, but it is often still taboo to show it.

I like your concept because it promotes trust and showing each other our own emotions because we see other people showing theirs also. Therefore, easy to create a upward spiral.

I actually feel what you had there, the paper plate is a great prototype for testing and even for the final product, I feel something very low tech, just out of paper or a badge of sorts is more than sufficient. As Morgan mentioned about pointing to care cards, I feel that is a great starting point, but you guys can improve on this card so it can become 'wearable' and visually a bit more fun and nice to wear. Fun looking enough so people can pick up on it and feel playful and relaxed to start a conversation about it.

This will be great for networking and social events for conversation starters and connect to strangers quickly!

During the prototype session, can tally up words people like to describe to help refine words to use. But I like the way you using the words from Inside Out to begin with, as they did so much research on that :) 

Good luck guys~