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Hi Danyelle, I couldn't feel more confident in the value of this idea. As a finance and economics professional, I would suggest that 'thinking bigger' is the key here.

Finance and economics are taught to older students because they are thought of as complex concepts. I believe that the concepts are actually very basic, but the context can be quite complex. If you identify the concepts and then find a way to present them in a simple context, you can start preparing the next generation of adults to better understand the role finance plays in their lives, help them make better decisions, and take control of their financial security.

For example, economics might seem daunting and uninteresting when you talk about scarcity of resources and opportunity cost. But, if you develop an interactive game that early-years students can play that makes them choose between having two apples or three bananas, or a few hours playing outside and a few hours reading, how do they choose to allocate their time and accessible goods in their behaviours. What about one banana now, or three bananas tomorrow?

You can see through this simple (and very much off-the-cuff example) that starting at a level relevant to young children, you could have every student that graduates high school leave with a robust understanding of supply and demand, the value of doing something today versus doing it tomorrow, the time-value of money, the value of exponential returns, the difference and appropriateness of fixed/variable loans or repayment or interest-only loans, etc.

Finance is just about making choices with your money and understanding them. Economics is just about how we can create communities where people are able to create an enjoyable life for themselves and their families. A community that supports those that need it most and no one feels left behind or unfairly treated. It's a shame these core concepts are completely missed because of the 'sophistication' the education system has infused in these subjects, making them accessible only to intellectual and academic elites.

My mum is a career teacher of early-years students. Her expertise is in curriculum. She and I have discussed many times my ideas to reshape education, particularly focusing on preparing students to understand the basic ideas within economics and finance at a very young age.

I believe the multiplier effect of this service would be enormous in its generational benefits.

Best of luck, and please let me know if I can help.