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Tie exercise or activity apps to a site which rewards activity by issuing key which can be used for unique items in game.

Tie exercise or activity apps to a site which rewards activity by issuing key which can be used for unique items in game.

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Burt commented on Use TV Commercial Time (Idea)

Hi Amy. You're right of course. There are a lot of forces that contribute to the problems of obesity -and not only for children; but they certainly are often the most vulnerable (and also a perfect target for remedial action since they are forming life long habits).

My thought though, is that to get the ball rolling, a simple plan is best. I think what you propose could be done in parallel or as part of a multi-stage solution, with an initial fast launch of whatever solution has the best chance of being adopted by the maximum number of people and producing tangible benefits. Other stages can then be rolled out feeding on the momentum and positive feedback from the fast start, or they can be launched as parallel 'sister' initiatives perhaps?

Projects that get too complex, or attempt too much at the outset, have a harder time getting off the ground, being adopted and adjusting to unexpected changes and circumstances. Longer roll-outs in uncertain economic circumstances can also leave good programs foundering when funding dries up.

I think if we want to make real change you create a road map for the long game but start with a quick spearhead program that gets things rolling.


Burt commented on Dueling Chefs TV Show

I think this is a good idea. I think a twist might add additional interest. This could be one segment of the challenge or the main thrust: challenge each chef to create a healthy dish, of the culture or expertise of the opposing chef. So a fine French chef might be challenged to create a Creole dish, while the Creole chef who is challenging would get to create a French one.


Burt commented on Video Game Reinforcement

I think so. I find myself increasingly viewing streamed content via various video services. I like the idea of using an API of some sort and allow all sorts of services of coming up with novel ways to connect all types of media and devices.