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Hi Karen:

So I've read your proposal and the overall angle of approach towards creating awareness of solar/renewable energy. "Five houses up, five houses down," is a great way of getting the local neighborhoods engaged in the larger topic, which is moving the community towards renewable/alternative sources of energy, but I still feel that there are other areas that are left out and should be included in the proposal.

What I am trying to understand and find are the root issues being addressed in this proposal: there's a lot of mention of the neighborhood and the neighbors who participate and make usage of solar/renewable energy as being seen as a customer rather than as an activist/advocate towards moving into green/renewable energy, which can have major setbacks in how the ultimate goal is reached.

Do not get me wrong, social entrepreneurship helps us address and bring major benefits into a community while fulfilling the cause of an entity rather than focusing on generating profits and revenue (the whole focus and fundamental of social entrepreneurship), but I still feel that there are major topics/areas that are left out in the proposal, such as gaining an understanding of how community is defined in these suburban cities (which are?) where the project will be taking place, in addition to gaining a better understanding as to how members of such neighborhoods perceive and understand renewable energies, with solar energy being an example in this project.

Also, the project solely focus on solar power as a method of renewable energy, but there are much more ways of addressing energy usage towards being and behaving in more culturally conscious and sustainable approaches towards energy usage and accessibility (the Sustainability Studies major in me is kicking in right here). What other avenues can and would such conversations/stakeholder engagement proposal(s) create awareness of the larger picture of energy usage, making more energy-efficient usage decisions, etc.?

Lastly, I'm very big on culturally/community competent projects. What avenues will and have been brainstormed/taken into consideration to ensure that the culture and sense of community of said neighborhoods where the project is to be implemented in the ways the project is proposed, developed, and executed so that individuals do really see that they are making a big impact in their community AND feel like they are the ones leading/facilitating this impact?

A culturally competent/sustainable project should be completely inclusive of the community as well as be spearheaded by members of the community and other stakeholders, with facilitation being provided by the entities who are providing the product. Most importantly, local ordinances/public policy will be key in creating a long-term, sustainable infrastructure towards retaining the broader impact it can have on the community, which should also be included in this proposal.

Pretty awesome to say the least!