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Guillaume commented on Exam Factories: Schools generating useless commodities

Hi Anne

Thanks for your comment, and thank you for re-framing my unstructured rant. You make some interesting points.

I think it's great that you challenge exams, your students must be actually learning something.

Perhaps a rejection of the status quo has already begun. With the "commoditization" of knowledge through MOOCs will the social capital of degrees begin to erode? Will this begin to democratize the job market?

We see this happening already, competition is stiffer than ever. If this trend continues it doesn't really solve anything actually. Jobs would then be given to the best and smartest people, but you still have the same amount of jobless people.

I believe that entrepreneurship holds a shard of the answer to this big question. Entrepreneurs are the unsung heroes of today, they create jobs and are the lifeblood of the economy.

Perhaps we have been indoctrinated with the notion that we must find a job, instead of create one. What does finding a job really mean? maybe we've been so focused on being employed that we forget why we seek it. I don't mean to put food on the table or provide for the family, we all seek the hygiene factors of a job. I'm talking about the pursuit of creating value, making something that adds something to the world you live in.

Granted, not all are so fortunate to able to chase the entrepreneurial dream, but many of those who have the capability, lack the support or courage to leap for it.

Because with every new entrepreneur, comes the creation of value and jobs.