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Petr commented on Hilaria: A Tlaxcalancingo perspective

Hi Andreas,
Thank you for your interview. Upon your request, If I may suggest a few additional questions to Hilaria:
1) Does she know about any good and bad examples of behavior with finance from her friends/neighbors? Who are those people? How they behave in situations she saw or heard about? Why do they behave in that way? etc Try to get introduced to those people a talk to them.
2) Who is the most financial educated person she knows in her community? How did he/she learn? Try to get introduced and talk to him/her ...
3) What does it mean to her to behave in financially healthy way? Can she provide examples of situation in life, when it is important?
4) Did she regret in her life that her financial education was not sufficient? What kind of event that was, what exactly happened, why, why, why? How did she realize that her education was not sufficient? ... etc