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this parenting kit can be very efficient and gives them a good understanding of what is essential for their your children.

In order to get it across to other people and especially mothers, have you considered a more traditional media, like a book?

We came up with this idea of having a wandering book, where people can fill in their insights and later on a finalised version of the book will be printed and given back to the people, with lots of useful information people might not have considered before.
I see potential that something like this could work for you, too, maybe also not in the form of a book, for example as a simpler booklet. This could go around, reach many mothers, and then a final version with real faces on it can be given to future mothers!

If you want to check out our idea, feel free to do so, maybe you get more inspiration for the development of your idea!


Tobias commented on Slum Radio – Educating Parents [Updated 6th Jan 2015]

Hi Andrew,

this is a great idea, it is always important to spread the word and have effective ways of communication! What if you could add more media to it, not only providing information via radio, which could be overheard by some people? We though about having a kind of life hacks book, which wanders around in communities, and where people share their experiences and therefore help others lead a better and easier life. I see potential that you could adapt you idea to something like that, to spread the word even more?

Check out our idea if you want to have more as an inspiration:

Hi Claire,

thank you so much, you're being very helpful here, we really appreciate that!
We definitely consider other areas, too, but at first we figured that the Kinshasa could be a good starting point. However, we definitely want to learn from people and experts who are more familiar with Congo in general, since we can't have that much in-depth knowledge when not being right on site!

It would definitely be helpful to get in touch with locals especially in the field of visual arts, since we want a sample book with authentic imagery, not something which is done in a style that is not appreciated.

By having a look at the database, we could definitely use some help to identify the right organisations which can help to share the book.

Thank you!