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Hello Colleen, in general you have a great idea and concept; however, I'd like to offer some constructive criticism. First your diorama is a bit amateurish. Please find someone to create a 3-D video model. If you're low on funds, search out an architectural college and see if you can get some students to do it for you as an assignment. Second, you're narrative feels off-the-cuff. Either write and practice the narrative so it comes out smooth and naturally or find someone with more polished public speaking skills to narrate your video for you. RE: the concept, in order to change buying habits, you'll need to offer significant cost savings, my guess is 25-50%. Keep in mind that you're offering a very limited choice in anyone product category and people like their choices. The product quality will need to be very high. One option would be to go with current store brands that people are familiar with. I would suggest trying to talk to Costco about setting these up for their Kirkland brand products in their stores. If you could sell them on the idea, you don't have to work up your distribution network from the start. Finally, you keep mentioning "no electricity" but if you plan on using phone apps, accept credit cards, and have machines that accept "codes" you'll need electricity, plus lighting and security for the stations. While you certainly could use solar and battery backup for the electricity, but to say no electricity seems unrealistic. Hope this helps.