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Cory commented on Alumeter

I love this and getting students to help build the solution and fully understand the problems and benefits to using the tool. I wonder if part of the solution is a kit for schools that includes instructions, tools and materials?


Cory commented on Education in the Cloth Filter Method

I like this as a quick solution that could scale quickly and easily.

What's the best way to educate people on this practice? A poster at water collection points? Teachers? A healthy water collection song or game?


Cory commented on Large Scale No Power Solar Still

Good idea - a couple questions:

1. Could a human operate the pump instead of an animal? I'm thinking like a traditional well with a hand pump? Maybe simpler and could reduce cost?

2. I presume one needs to remove organic material and pollutants from the still - any challenges there with operation, potential for leaks or disruption to the system?

3. For standing water and mosquitos I wonder if there is a filter that might go on either end of the system that could prevent them from getting in?