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I think your idea is absolutely wonderful and if enacted could provide amazing results!
Do you have specific locations or stores this idea would be in or has that not been specified? Like, would you start with smaller grocery stores and then grow to the large chain grocery stores? Would this project be in lower income areas or higher? I think hosting the initial trial in large city that has both those who are wealthy and those who are not as much so would prove interesting. As you mentioned, there is that worry that people will take advantage of the pricing. I think labelling the fruit differently could be one solution. Maybe the imperfect fruit could have a different check out section, similar to when you buy a sandwich or fish. The imperfect fruit could have its own counter to combat illegitimacy. Also, would these nontraditional appearing fruits become so popular (being that they are cheaper), that the "perfect" fruit are no longer marketable? 
I think this idea is really great, especially for communities where the poverty rates are high. This would not only help food waste, but could potentially aid in children in poverty eating healthier. These kids often do not eat many fruits and vegetables because produce is so expensive compared to a fast food meal. But if the price is marked down, then the produce becomes more so available! It is a win-win!
This is overall a great idea and I am excited to see where this goes!


Quinlyn commented on Give Life to Your Leftovers

We have yet to receive any feedback, therefore if you or anyone you know want to try out a recipe, please let us know!