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Heritier commented on Coding Bootcamp meets Refugee Camp

Dear Chrystina, 

This camp is a brilliant project to leverage the lives our fellows across the E Africa refugees camps. I believe that Coding Camp comes in the real time as well as the vision of Rwanda- empowering technology in youths, the next generation that's going to transform Africa. Through this program, students won't only be developing computer literacy, but also will be getting ready for employment. I like the fact that the beneficiaries are also happy for this outstanding program that coming to help them restore their rhythm of lives. With no doubt, this camp is going to create a significant impact in East Africa. 
Speaking of the project, in general, I would like you to help me understand these two questions:  1. How will student cope with the Coding Class and their CfA projects or the regular classes?2. Given that it is hard for refugees to go out and work, is there any approach that might be used to help them showcase their skills outside of the camp?
Suggestions:1. The Coding Camp is good, but it needs to strengthen student's ownership for it to excel. 2. It might be helpful if, during the camp, a student can be enrolled in the program having a mission(what do you want to do after this camp) rather than taking it as an actual camp where you go and sit waiting for a teacher to guide you. 
Thanks for the utmost work that you are doing.
Best, Heritier


Heritier commented on Coding Bootcamp meets Refugee Camp

Hi Chrystina, 

To help Sylvain, I believe that partnering with other well-known web developers in Kigali can contribute to the success of this amazing program. For example, HeheLab, FabLab, NetInka, RwandaYP, and kLab.