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The idea has really improved in quality. Thanks for elaborating on the comments I had made. Best luck


Maurice commented on Youth Employabilty & Entrepreneurship Project

Strong idea. The pitching is powerful!

This is a great idea and a real game changer that can bring real  and positive change to young people in Kenya and Pakistan. Below are some comments for you to consider to improve on the project idea.

1. Could please define your target group better by defining their geographical location, background etc. how many are we targeting and how will we select them?. In addition to solving the unemployment problem, can we also add some aspect of learning, knowledge generation and cross cultural exchange?

2. Can you elaborate a bit more about yourself and what inspires you; then about the organizations you represent and the kind of impact it has had in the world. If possible, site some people who can vouch for you in the different countries you exist

3. I guess the idea will be implemented in Kenya and in Pakistan. In both areas, define the target population. Are they from the disadvantaged groups e.g. from the low income areas? Or unemployed graduates who are looking for skills to better equip them

4. Elaborate on similar experience explaining how it worked and what we are planning to do differently

5. Considering that many youth now have smart phones, how can we transfer the concept to smart phones e.g. an application for learning on the go. I guess that is the aspect that has not yet been solved by previous interventions. I guess this idea can answer the problem of getting quality skills through a mobile device. Let’s think of a combination between formal classroom and virtual classroom through a phone.

6. To increase uniqueness, bring aspects of cost reduction and disruption of the existing models. For example, how can people with very little education use the model and how do they get some sought of reward or certification

7. Considering ELF will implement the project in Kenya, kindly share the ELF mentoring approach in brief