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Ketty commented on Rescuing under-aged Indonesian girls from Prostitution

One can tell that the both of you truly e efhave a heart for this issue. Thank you for all the effort that both of you have put in to address this issue thus far. It is quite clear from the idea you have pitched that you want to provide a comprehensive and holistic solution through the "Hati-Hati" movement.

On the above you've briefly mentioned about "reaching out to like-minded organisations". I think it will be helpful if you can flesh this out more. What are examples of like-minded organisations? Who would you like to partner with ideally? Is it limited to organisations? How can "Hati-Hati" engage individuals as well? For example, what are concrete steps that will need to be taken to recruit volunteers? How would communication/collaboration take place when the movement will, by the nature of the work required, be spread across different cities or even countries?

Although I do agree that ideally we would need all levels of interest (from the villages to the 'receiving end' in the big cities) to be engaged, could we pick out specific points of interests that are most crucial to get this movement started? For example, according to the both of you, would you prioritize building a team to raise awareness or to start an empowerment program first? Having some sort of a timeline, even if it's rough, may help in allocating the resources especially in the beginning stage where manpower may be limited at first.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts on this. And I do like the added illustration of the different people involved in the "Hati-Hati" movement. I also like the name, the dual meaning really works and it's also an easy yet meaningful name.