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Francisco commented on Edible Six Pack Rings (E6PR)

Hi Troy,
This XXI century requires that Design begins with sustainability as 1st priority of all the new products, lets make the example to all big companies!

Francisco G.


Francisco commented on Edible Six Pack Rings (E6PR)


All those question were very common a few months ago when the product was first showed.

You can't control what people do with their trash, but its a reality that A LOT of garbage goes to the ocean, we are just making one of thousand of products biodegradable and animal safe.

In my experience, it will be impossible to avoid the problem of trowing garbage to the ocean because its a cultural problem that maybe un US is not common but in other countries its a day by day issue.

Not nutritional but only animal eating safe, so it goes through the digestive system (and gluten free by the way).

Francisco García


Francisco commented on Edible Six Pack Rings (E6PR)

Hi Kate,

Here some answers:
Are there other adaptations of this technology?
We are currently starting to learn about our material and performing each day better. Its incredible to see this "waste" materials carrying 2 - 3 kg of cans. But right now we are going baby steps in order to achieve 1 objetive at a time, its a very complex process.

Do you have websites for the three organisations that you can share with us to provide some context for your startup up and highlight the team behind the idea?
YEs, we are 3 groups.
The general web page is:
Team member 1: entelequia
Team member 2: We Believers.
Team member 3: Tapon Corona

under what conditions does E6PR degrade quicker than the 200 days?
If we use a compost facility it can disintegrate in less than 90 days.

Are there other uses for wheat and barley fiber?
Yes, we just opened a pandora Box :) All of that is part of our Patent pending process that is already filled and in process.

Finally, you might want to include some links to articles about the prizes you have won e.g.
We have around 20 prizes all around the world. I will put down the project in the contest and just give me around 2 or 3 days to write them all.

Francisco Garcia