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Hi Chris,

This is a really interesting idea! Maybe I'm being a bit cynical, but I can't help but wonder--what's to stop someone (particularly those who are already really financially well off) from taking the sabbatical as a free vacation? (Or maybe it's meant to allow for an extended paid vacation like it is for tenured professors?) When someone takes the sabbatical, are they required to be taking classes or interning and showing proof of learning?

As someone about to graduate and enter the workforce, I am 100% behind the idea of getting a sabbatical, but I'm having a hard time seeing it scaled out to the entire population and put into action realistically (particularly given the current political climate and my impression that this can only be executed through policy change).

Hi Danyelle,

I think this is a really great idea! As a college student about to graduate, I definitely would have appreciated something to teach me the basics of budgeting, loans, mortgages, credit, 401(k)s, etc. I have just a few questions:
1) At what age do you think K-12 students would have enough general financial background to get started on this platform? Or would there be different "levels" of education for different age levels to tailor the content to specific knowledge levels?
2) Would the platform have students engaging in activities with their own money? Or would it be mostly just learning conceptually through theoretical scenarios and fake money?
3) Do you plan to somehow monetize this app or website, and if so, how?