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Åke commented on Face-pal

I love this idea! In my hometown Göteborg (in Sweden) there is a project called flyktingguide/språkvän - "refugee guide/language friend" that connects swedes with newly arrived refugees. The idea is that the refugees will become integrated in the swedish society and learn swedish faster, the swedes will get a better understanding, and interesting new friends. I truly believe that while food and training of course is important for a healthy life - a rich social life is the basis of it. Without that you will be miserable no matter how healty food you eat and how much you exercise.

Most of the documentation unfortunately is in swedish, but here is a short intro in english:!ut/p/z1/tVDLTsMwEPyaHGE3ccjjWAmQqLigiNL4Ejn2xjVN7TR2gfw9phLHgjiwt53RPDTAYQvcijejRTDOijH-LS-6jDX5XXPLsNrkN_jwjI_ZusT0_onBBjhwacMUdtBqF6h3s7721JHdUfDeKDcnGDFhjT-7JjiTP82eIj6Myz4Yq_XJKOq-5QmKOXQ2ZdgNOhppGv1efAVN0ihocSCUosK8TjOVlqqvBfV1ITOVS1kNDF5-a80jjRduhdBGfXlRX6TQ_KHM-pz2Q5m4sXk9HvkqDulsoI8A2_9dcjocKrZcib5a3j8BIzDQ0g!!/dz/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/

Or you could use google translate on the longer swedish text (with reservations for strange translations ;-)!ut%2Fp%2Fz1%2FlY9BT8MwDIV_TY_gpE277DgESExwGBUbzSVK0jSN1iZVmiL131MqjdtA8832-56fgcEnMCe-rBHReie6pa9YwdOsJE_lY4bokeTo5QO9pvsNws-HDI7AgCkXh9hCZXzU0gdzP2quXavjONrahwQtM-HsuLomKOhxCqNe5k03n6N1xky21vyCJ8i6c5gkdzhDvDHcusaHfqW5Vy0XrhedWJxEiL-ii9eq_kk1KFtDpbayznOKSEFwhgspsaJSbqlERZo3QsHpvxfZskZXaoegWvjNVb7AUN4QZr9e-yPM6QEqQt7e8QGGvqfZfCcknXffUcOC3w!!%2Fdz%2Fd5%2FL2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh%2F