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Apiyo's idea is exciting, but I have some concerns we might address. (Or am I joining too late to add feedback?)

1. If the skill sets learned during Community Asset Building (CAB) projects and the skills needed by employers do not match, disillusionment will result, harming this program.

2. Not all business needs are met by existing businesses, however. Will there be training in entrepreneurship, ideation and market research, and perhaps modest small business loans for promising ideas, so that certificated volunteers can find ways to start their own businesses to use their CAB skills, if no existing employer realizes the need -- and the business potential exists?

3. Let's say members of the communities initiate each CAB project. So CAB project ideation is bottom-up, not top-down. Who picks their location and other details, decides on their priority, etc? That could create controversy in communities. All may need water, yet no one can agree where the well should go. What if one tribe bothers to nominate a CAB project, but other tribes are unaware until it's too late?

4. Will there be enough volunteers for CAB projects that use skills considered low in prestige? (A lack of volunteers might be a natural solution to concern #1, since CAB projects perceived to use non-employable skills might not get off the ground.)