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Tanja commented on Used Crushed Moringa Seeds To Clean Water

Thanks you for your answer. I am not convinced that the Moringa seeds will kill sufficient bacteria to make the water suitable for drinking (of course this will depend on the quality of the water source used). The quote to provided confirms that only some of bacterias will be killed by the seeds. The two academic papers you have referred to also confirms this. The paper by Mangale et al for example describe tests results from using Moringa seeds to clean river water. They write that: "MPN means total coli forms which are calculated
quantitative....After the treatment, MPN / 100 ml coli form
was decreased from low dose to high level dose of M. oleifera seed powder. The MPN was
present in the range 20 - 180 coli forms/ml in all samples after the treatment which indicates that
it is above the limits of WHO standards (Graph No. 10). The presence of MPN gives direct proof
of dangerous impurities of water, and therefore treated samples are not safe for drinking purpose."  In the conclusion they furthermore suggest: "If we can use combined Moringa oleifera seed powder and chlorine it can give best
results and the water can be suitable for drinking". 

I think using Moringa seeds is a fantastic idea and should definitely be further explored. There might be ways of improving its anti-bacterial abilities or maybe it can be combined with chlorine, a ceramic filter or maybe a sand covered with silver. 


Tanja commented on Used Crushed Moringa Seeds To Clean Water

Interesting idea Eric. I like the potential dual purpose of the seeds as a great source of nutrition. Looking at the research you have provided it seems like moringa seeds are a great flocculant, but doesn't lower the levels of pathogens sufficiently for consumptions. Maybe you could combine the moringa seeds with some secondary treatment?