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Yes Hassan, this project will help the refugee communities because self-reliance and self confidence are basic tools for a better future, and these are what WANE project stands for.

Training the woman in refugee communities to have self confidence, discipline and economic freedom will go a long way to help in raising her children in a refugee camp. Taking charge of their lives and becoming agents or ambassadors of hope in a refugee community can curb delinquency among the children and even manage or avoid communicable diseases that usually attack refugee communities.
One encouraging part of this project is that funds provided to one group is taking back and given to another group after they have used it to work for sometime and each individual benefiting from the profits. So the funds keep rotating among the groups. WANE promotes communalism as opposed to individualism. Members are advised to work in groups and seek each other's wellbeing beyond ethnic, political and religious beliefs. This proven approach brings solidarity, peace, trust, social cohesion and order.

A sizable number of refugee women are likely to be widows. Being a refugee is a very devastating and tormenting experience in any ones life especially for a single mother or a widow with her children. Looking at the psychological and economic burden that befalls a woman who is experiencing a war or recovering from a war, coupled with losing her husband in the war and probably her children, a project such as WANE that applies sustainable informal entrepreneurial and vocational educational packages can be of great help to her.
With our philosophy of the projects being that "If you educate a woman, you educate the whole community or nation," educating women to have sustainable socio-economic freedoms in a refugee camp will go along way to cushion the lost hope and endless needs of a refugee camp or community. And by the time their refugee status is over, they would have acquired skills and can be self reliant and supports themselves and the upbringing of their children, if any.