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This is awesome! I was thinking about this challenge and solving it as a preventative app... so.. building on top of this and David's Socks/Shoe idea for gathering balance data about person as the go about their day, you could extend this app to gather more information and use AI to predict and thus help prevent falls... so... I saw an elderly person walk off a bus the other day and as he hit the footpath there was a slight lift in the pavement and he tripped, luckily he regained his balance, but if your app had a GPS mapping feature and was able to log a balance issue at that point (day/time) plus all the other great info you guys have logged, and add that to a big data repository (imagine all the data that these devices could generate), you can start to correlate it all (using AI) to create preventative information... you could then add it to Siri or whatever that Google AI is called, and make them warn people (vibration or sound) based on where they are and number of occurrences of falls that have happened in that area or at that time, or due to what they are doing at the time, etc etc etc AND... adding to this, even if people saw that there was a potential area that could cause an accident to happen they could log it (sort of the way Waze works, with crowd sourcing information)... you can then even use this information to get councils to fix these trouble spots...


Breisi commented on MotoSpanx

I remember seeing this helmet airbag idea, it's so good ;) definitely a possibility for softening falls, especially around areas of typical injuries, like hips.