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Hi Marques,

This is Skye Schuchman, I am writing on behalf of the team ("The Badgers") which included:

-Cristina Del Puerto (Facilitator)
-Anuradha Murthy
-Raul Aldape
-McKenzie Erickson
-Skye Schuchman (Myself)

The event: We convened at the OpenIDEO San Francisco Meet-up hosted by Silvie Hibdon.

Our Task: Work together to address the development of the We:Solve/Northern Iraq/Innovation center.

Our Goal: To refine and prototype the processes employed in the center to better address refugee needs, speed the process, and to yield more valid solutions for the refugee community

Our Process:

1. We read through the Open IDEO prompt and read through the proposed 13-week program process to be used within the center.
2. As a group we collectively storyboarded the 13-week process and worked to distill/compressed the process into an effective 6 week program. Our scheme involved combining the ideation and selection phase and compressing the Alpha & Beta prototyping phases suggested by previous sessions.
3. After reducing the project timeline, we then prioritized the phase we thought most important to program success - Brainstorm & Selection of concepts.
4. We prototyped the Brainstorm & Selection process as a group.
5. We presented to a second session group to test our hypothesis.

Our Prototype:

At the beginning of the innovation process within the center, it is essential that all stakeholders within the refugee community are given a voice and that the team and actors within the center act to address core community problems.

1. We posited that a virtual town-hall format that allowed the community as a whole to voice, establish, and rank concerns would become the genesis of an effective brainstorming session. Those issues were organized around 5 core themes: Safety, Food, Money, Culture, and Transportation.

2. As the 5 core themes are presented, the community (and our team) generate a list of core concerns that surround these themes, effectively "Theme clouds"

3. In order to uncover the greatest community concerns we suggested a two-round voting process to allow the larger community to select key issues within these "Theme clouds"

Voting Process:

-Two rounds of voting open to the entire group
-Voting: Each voter is allowed 3 votes per round
-First round: votes are placed and counted - the 2 "theme clouds" with greatest # of votes are highlighted.
-Second round: votes are placed and counted - The 2 sub-theme issues within these clouds are highlighted
-The 2 Sub theme issues with the highest numerical ranking are used as the starting point for innovation ideation and prototyping.

Concerns: In presenting the prototype to other session group, we noted that they had identified pitfalls such as possible bias, intricacies of managing the community voting, and selection of those who are allowed to participate in the voting process. We believe that by sampling a cross-section of the refugee population, providing ample invitation to join the process, the community will be adequately represented.

Conclusion: In addressing a "stressed" community where basic human needs are in the balance, we believe that it is extremely important to engage the community to accurately address community need, predicate success throughout the innovation process, and generate real, valid outcomes for the community. Our hope is that OpenIDEO methodology + brainstorming & voting that engages community stakeholders will facilitate this.

If there are any questions or need to iterate upon our process, please let the team know.

Thank you

Skye & Team "Badger"